Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16: Donuts and Final Presentation Abstract

Today started out like every day should: with donuts!  Following our intern meeting, I used ENVI in order to find the NBR for images from June and July of 1984.  To find the NBR, I actually used the NDVI tool, but I inputted a different band number and it gave me a complete different index; I thought that was pretty neat.  I also used this cool tool called band math in order to subtract the pre and post fire NBRs and to find the difference.  In addition, I did some research on other indices that I read about in one of the papers Dr. Vodacek gave me last week.  One that really stood out to me was the SAVI, or soil-adjusted vegetation index. This index is used in areas where vegetation cover is low, and it works similarly to the NDVI.  The main difference is that the NDVI is measured using plant reflection, whereas the SAVI is a measured using soil reflection.  Because the area of Akagera National Park I am interested is a savanna, SAVI will probably become very useful because there is less plant coverage in a savanna then there is in say, a forest.  I finished up the day by drafting up my abstract for my final presentation (see below); all of us interns are presenting our abstracts at our daily meeting tomorrow morning.

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