Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23: An apocalypse?!

At today's meeting we shared our progress and any problems we were having.  Then Mr. Callens took a group of interns over to see the Color Science department because we will serve as test subjects for a test going on there.  Then, all of the interns attended a presentation on space weather; it was so cool!  However, I never realized the severity of space weather, and apparently a severe enough event would cause humans to lose power for 10 years!  So now I am more than tempted to stock up on food and prepare for a near apocalyptic event because it could happen any day...

After the presentation, I kept sifting through images in order to distinguish fires and burn scars.  I got all the way up to 2004, which is when the Landsat 7 mirror broke.  So, I tried to work on building and applying a mask so that I could run an accurate NBR.  However, I do not think it worked, so I am planning on asking Dr. Vodacek for help tomorrow morning.  Today I also worked with the fires from 1984 and 1999 by running an NDVI and Tasseled Cap on both.

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