Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22

Today has been a very long day because the Mees trip ran rather late last night.  I started the morning by reading a paper which Dr. Vodacek sent me; it was about a census taken of the animals in Akagera National Park and therefore served as a good source for background.  I also did some additional research on the impact of fire on savanna ecosystems.  Then, Trevor and I attended the weekly Remote Sensing talk (Reagan came in later), which was actually a thesis defense: I hardly understood anything.

For the annual Wednesday talk, Dr. Messinger presented on a topic that I have become increasingly familiar with these past few weeks: remote sensing!  I saw parallels between his presentation and papers I have read; I learned a lot and gained a lot of clarity so the presentation was not only interesting but very applicable to me personally.

I spent my afternoon trying to pick out images of fires by both visually analyzing and by running a dNBR.  So far, I have found a fire in 1984 and a fire in 1999.  I do no know how many fires I am going to use, but I want to at least narrow down my pool of data so that I have a smaller number of images and do not feel so overwhelmed.  I am having a bit of a problem during layer stacking because I want to crop the images so they are all the same size and depicting the same location, and I thought I was doing it correctly.  However, when I go to run a dNBR in Band Math I am having to resubset the images again because they apparently aren't the same size; I am hoping to find a solution to this annoyance either now or tomorrow.

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