Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9

Today started with the usual intern meeting in the Reading Room.  This morning, however, we went around discussing problems and successes we are currently having in the different work we are doing; all of the other intern projects sound really interesting and cool.  Following the meeting, I continued to try to work to figure out how to save an image with multiple bands as one file on the newer edition of the ENVI software.  After awhile, Dr. Vodacek came to the conclusion that it would be easier to use the older version of ENVI as it is more straight forward and useful for my project.  After making that switch, it was a lot easier to save and access all of the bands in one place.  I messed around with different band combinations and then took my lunch break.  During my break, I met with Nate and Angela, the two interns who are working in the Optics, and they showed me the project they are working on.  In the afternoon, I worked a bit more with different band combinations in ENVI and I spent the remainder of the day reading papers that Dr. Vodacek gave me so that I might become more familiar with the work that I am doing.

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