Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30: MSAVI and Bike trip

I started today by computing MSAVI for the 1980s image.  In order to do this, I had to calculate the slope of the NIR v. Red for a specific image.  Using this value and the equation NIR - (slope)(Red), I was able to compute the WDVI.  With the WDVI, I solved for L using another equation.  I used the L value to calculate the MSAVI.  In the end, MSAVI is calculated the same way that SAVI is, but SAVI assumes a the variable L to be constant at a value of 0.5.  MSAVI requires a bit more work because it relies on L to be calculated for the specific location and vegetation circumstances.

Then, at eleven, the interns and intern advisers went on a bike ride!  We rode to the University of Rochester and we visited Mount Hope Cemetery; we saw the graves of Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony.  Then, we had a delicious lunch and rode back to RIT.  Even though it was EXTREMELY hot, it was a really fun trip (see picture below). 

After we got back and recovered from the extreme heat, I continued to work with SAVI for the image from the 1990s.  I won't be at work tomorrow, but I will post my outline tonight so that my fellow interns and advisers can see it and give me some constructive criticism.

Bike trip:

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